The baseplate endstop is attached to the operative side of the surgery table using a standard surgical table attachment. The endstop should be initially set so that the crossbar is 1 cm above the table top and 8" beyond desired surgical position of the baseplate. The endstop and the table are draped and the patient placed on the table in the supine position.


After prepping the leg, the ankle is covered with a waterproof stocking and then placed in the boot. The flexible boot is easily shaped to fit the patients ankle and should be shaped to conform to the patients shape and remove all possible pressure point areas. It is important that the heel seat fully in the boot.


The baseplate is then placed on the table with the top edge of the plate pinched under the hip. It is very important to allow enough slack in the drapes to fully flex the knee and allow the ankle assembly to come close to touching the patients hip region. The endstop locking screw is loosened through the drapes and the crossbar adjusted so that the crossbar rests flush to the baseplate. The boot can be easily placed in the slide block and the leg will be rigidly fixed mediolaterally with flexion range between 60 and 150 degrees. The boot can be easily removed from the slide block and placed in full extension for stability diagnosis or opening and closing procedures.

All components of the White Surgical Knee Positioner are fully autoclavable.